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October 17, 2012

Fine fall day

     It’s a right bit windy this fine fall day. A good (clothes) drying day, as my Grandma would say. Good drying day indeed, if you can keep the clothes on the line that is!

     The girls were antsy to get out to the pasture this morning after milking. I took the children to school and as soon as we stepped outside, I noticed that the wind had been busy blowing the leaves off the trees overnight. I hope I have enough time to collect all those leaves before the wind takes them to the neighbors! It makes excellent fodder in the dead of winder when hay seems rather redundant.

     No sooner had I finished milking the last doe that they all took off for leafier pastures. They’re no fools, they know what awaits them beyond. The bucks didn’t even stay to finish their hay. What, with all the mulberry, ash, cottonwood and locust leaves that have fallen, can you blame them?

     The pigs, on the other hand, preferred not to come out of their warm straw bedded shelter this morning for leaves until I started calling, “Pig, pig, piggy!”. At that point they know soups on. Or rather, warm clabbered milk mush is served and they best not be straggling otherwise the others would be happy to eat their portion.

     It’s always so funny to hear the commotion of the barnyard at different times of the day. In the morning, the milkers are calling from their side of the barn, urging me out to get on with the day. The chickens throw an absolute hissy in the coop if I do not let them out as soon as the pigs are fed as they tend to like to get in on the vittles. The pigs have a fine way of scooting just the right amount of wheat up and over the trough and onto the ground and boy are the hens happy that they are so generous. Never-mind that I also take pity on the pour souls and toss them a few handfuls of wheat as well so they’ll stay out of the milk parlor looking for the dregs. Mind you, the goats aren’t so willing to share their goodies from their feed bowls. It’s been too nice not to leave the door open while I milk, but then, this invites visitors and Lordy knows I can’t stand the chickens in the barn, let alone the milk parlor.

     The pigs are pretty perturbed if they are not fed on my way out. Occasionally I have my hands too full of milking supplies or barn supplies that I forgo feeding them first thing and stop to open the chicken coop and those piggies just squeal and yell and carry on until I walk back to pick up the trusty food pail. Most mornings I also have a bowl of goodies- left over from the previous day’s meals. Or, even better, fridge cleaning day!

     With the freeze that came, the garden is kaput and so I picked what I could, mostly to save seeds for next year’s garden and then opened up one side of the fence so the piggies could get in. Boy were they in hog heaven! Except, nothin’ is ever good enough and last night I went chasing one spotty pig around the orchard (or what will be the orchard. We call it the orchard, some day there will be trees in it). Rachel said it was great fun to watch me out the window trying to corral that unwilling piggy into a corner so I could grab a leg and get it back into its pen. It wasn’t all that willing to play along. Course, it didn’t help the goats were there “helping” by sniffing and leaping in my way while trying to figure out what this creature was doing on their side of the fence. Finally I was able to hook a back and leg and while it didn’t squeal as I expected it too, I knew I’d have a devil of a time holding it while it whipped around trying to get away so my best option was to grab the other back leg and wheelbarrow style move it back to its pen. That seemed to work pretty good.

     You wouldn’t believe it, but this morning while I was walking up to the house after chores, there was plain evidence it wasn’t the first time at least one of those piggies was out where it was not supposed to be which was made clear by the rooting marks in the dirt where there should be none. Darn piggies. I had to fix them, it didn’t help that the garden gates were not latched at the bottom. I guess I was asking for piggies to take liberties. Ahhhh well, all’s well that ends back up in the pen, I guess.

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