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December 10, 2013

Homemade Stocking Stuffers- lip balm

90% of our gifting this year is handmade/homemade or locally produced. I genuinely appreciate utilitarian gifts and utilitarian gifts are what I love to give too.

lipbalmHomemade spearmint lip balm is my new fav. thing! Spearmint lip balm is especially yummy applied just before taking a gulp of warm hazelnut coffee…like minty hazelnut coffee. Seriously-good-stuff! Either I will need to find mint hazelnut creamer or make mocha mint lip balm…or both! =)

Last week I whipped up a couple batches for stocking stuffers and they came out so nice. Organic shea butter and coconut oil makes it super healthy for chapped lips and just the right of natural un-bleached bees wax so there’s a layer of protection but not too much that it doesn’t make your lips feel like 2 pieces of sandpaper. And essential oil too- spearmint for one and spearmint/orange for the other. Love ’em!!!

September 6, 2013

Green bag lunch

Not your Momma’s brown bag lunch!

Fun re-usable green bagged lunch bags in an array of prints!

Coming soon to OUR STORE!

Lunch bags

lunch bags1

Fully lined!

lunch bags 3

Folds flat! Space saving!

lunch bags 2

Quality construction with double stitched seams.