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May 17, 2013

Spigot on a barrel

For those of you interested in our spigot barrel, here it is.


What you’ll need:

1 barrel (or trash can) and drill & drill bit to make a hole in the side of your barrel/can

1 1/2 inch brass or plastic hose bib

(optional 3/4″ steel washer, depends on how rigid your barrel is)

brass connector with 1/2″ threads on the inside

2 rubber o-rings

plumbers teflon tape

This barrel does not have a washer on the outside, these barrels are very rigid but if you are using a less rigid barrel I would suggest a washer. First apply teflon tape to the hose bib’s threads. Next, put the waster on, then the o-ring. Next you’ll insert the hose’s bib threads through the hole in the barrel you’ve made, place another o-ring onto the hose bib from the inside of the barrel, then the connector. Tighten it all up with a wrench and you’re done!