Hog/Pork Details & Reservations

Reservations are filling for Spring 2016 pasture raised milk-fed process ready hogs.

If you would like to put a reservation in for a March/April 2016 hog or half hog, please use this link: (https://docs.google.com/forms/d/17lbm2gx7azd1Y7JO_pfDPE_xFHAM4SbtDW_txeNZ150/viewform_ and fill out a reservation.

Reservations fill quickly and we cannot guarantee there will be anything available as processing time draws near, we do recommend reservations. A DEPOSIT ($50 half hog or $100 whole hog) is required in order to reserve your hog.
Our hogs are raised on pasture from the time they are born/weaned until the time they are hauled. Our pastures are not sprayed with any chemicals or fertilized artificially. We keep our own sows who farrow on bedding, not on concrete. Their diet consists of hay, pasture grasses, raw milk from our own dairy goats (seasonal), farm eggs (from our own free range hens), garden produce (seasonal), and a custom feed mixed for us. NONE of their feed contains ANY hormones or antibiotics and we do not give our hogs hormones or antibiotics. If you have any further questions, please feel free to email us at marmaladehollow@yahoo.com. We’re on Facebook too! Look for Marmalade Hollow.

We accept checks (for those who are local), payments via Google Wallet (payments can be sent to marmaladehollow@yahoo.com) or Paypal (please contact us for additional info). And invoice/receipt will be sent to you for each payment made.




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