Breeding Schedule


 Breeding plans

  We offer only a select few papered bucks each year out of does we feel confident will pass on the best milk and conformation genetics. We do offer up grade bucks who would serve as awesome herd sires for home milk or commercial dairy situations, all others are castrated at around 12 weeks of age or sold for meat. For best prices and choice, please reserve early!

  • We host Linear Appraisal some years and if you’re interested in attending for educational purposes or are wanting to appraise your animals, please contact us, we’re happy to have you join our herd stop (you must provide your own pens, your animals must stand tied or animals must stay in your trailer). We do have lots of shade trees in which to set up your pen(s) and park your trailer. Overnight stays are not available.

We maintain a CAE & CL free herd.

Breeding opportunities/4-H’ers

  • We offer discounted breeding opportunities for 4H’ers. Any doe brought to the farm for servicing must have a recent CAE (negative) test result on file with paperwork to prove their status. We do not allow bucks to leave the farm for outside servicing.

Breeding opportunities are available to a purebred papered buck (service forms available for ADGA registration). Price varies from $65 to 75 per doe. Does MUST be CAE tested negative with recent results and be in good overall body condition. We reserve the right to refuse breeding to does knowingly coming from a CAE/CL positive farm or a suspected positive farm. ALL does will be inspected before access, limited space is available for extended stays and boarding fees at a rate of $3.50 per doe per day apply. It is highly recommended you bring your doe in a good standing heat for breeding. Please contact your vet for information on how to time this. Our bucks are not leased out and are not available to leave our property due to bio-security concerns to breed outside does.

2017 breeding schedule

Kalypso (Johnny B Good- name pending) Johnny B Good is sired by Alize Under Kover Agent. Dam is Lazy I Onyx Reminisce. He’s a spotted version of his sire. Milk in this pedigree for sure!  April 2018
Madison (for sale)  Max  February 2018
Chenille (for sale) February 2018



Johnny B. Good (Granite x Alize Under Kover Agent)

 February 2018

April 3, 2018

First freshening two year olds
Harlem  April 3, 2018
Hemlock – name pending(for sale)


Johnny B Good


 March 2018

April 2018

Juliet Johnny B Good  March 2018
Raven- name pending (for sale) Lucky Streak  March 2018
 Harmony Johnny B Good  April 3,2018
 First freshening yearlings
Jazzy April 2018



 April 2018
 Dry yearlings
 Havok, Skion, Kari



2016 breeding schedule


Kalypso (first freshening 2 year old) Max  Feb. 27, 2016 2 buck kids
Madison (first freshening 2 year old)  Max  FEB 27, 2016 2 doe kids (retained)
Bourbon (2 freshening coming 3 year old)  Agent  Feb 28, 2016 (3 doe kids)
Cannoli (2 freshening coming 3 year old) Agent March 14, 2016 (2 buck kids, 1 doe kid)
Melody (FOR SALE) (4th freshening coming 4 year old)  Agent  April 3, 2016
 Symphony (SOLD)(first freshening 1 year old)  Agent  April 5, 2016
Flicker (4th freshening 4 year old)  Agent  April 10, 2016
Ann (8th freshening 9 year old) Agent  April 16, 2016
Harper (SOLD) (1st freshening 1 year old)  Max  April 17, 2016
Sarah (first freshening 1 year old) Double Agent (Ann Darrow X Agent)  May 14, 2016
 Ginger (SOLD) (first freshening 1 year old)
(Aja-Sammati Apriot Strudel X Agent)
Double Agent (Ann Darrow X Agent)  May 17, 2016
Elaine (first freshening 1 year old)  Agent
 May 25, 2016
Granite (6th freshening 6 year old)  Agent June, 2016
2016 Dry yearlings
  Chenille, Maggie, Marzipan


2015 breeding schedule

Ann Agent  MARCH 25, 2015
Sugar  Agent  FEB 15, 2015
Mags  DRY  
Flicker AGENT MARCH 22, 2015
Granite  Agent  
 Melody  Andy  Feb 6
Apricot  Storm  
Emmy (SOLD)  Moon  
Rosemary (SOLD) Moon  March 6, 2015
 Cannoli (SOLD), EXPOSED 9/11 Storm  February 8, 2015
Bourbon  Andy
 February 28, 2015 
Biscotti  Andy  March 6 2015
All 2015 kids will be held over as dry yearlings    

 Calypso, Madison, Candy Girl, Pumpkin, Bristol

 2014 breeding/kidding schedule

Ann (registered buck kids generally available) Agent  Freshened March 3. Quads 3 doe kids & buck kid (1 doe kid retained, 2 doe kids for sale & buck kid for sale)
Pejamy  Andy  freshened Feb 12 With a buck and a doe. Buck kid sold, doe kid available for sale (“Merida”)
Mags Storm Freshened April 12 with twin buck and doe. Doe kid retained.
Flicker  Storm Freshened Feb 19, buck and a doe. Buck kid sold. Doe kid retained.
Granite Storm  April 13 – Single doe kid (retained)
Apricot Agent  Freshened March 5. 1 buck & 1 doe. Buck available for sale. Doe retained.
Emmy Andy  Jan. 22, 2014 Freshened with 2 buck kids and a doe kid. Buck kids sold. Doe kid for sale (“Meka”)
Dawn  Andy  April 12 – triplet buck kids
Melody  Agent  April 13 – triplets. Two bucks & a doe
 Mischief  -SOLD-  Andy  April 13 – Single buck kid
Morgan -SOLD-, Biscotti (for sale), Rosemary (for sale), Roxie (for sale), Amber (for sale), Josephine (for sale), Bourbon, Sugar    
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