Goats for sale

We are currently sold out. We will have a few milkers available in April and likely a few kids (does and bucks).


Marmalade M&M Hemlock. Flashy and stylish doe, wide and long hip to pin, very level thurl to thurl, stands on good feet and legs. $375. MILK MILK MILK in this doe’ pedigree. Bred for March kids, doe kids available to be registered.

Dam and udder photo’ed below.

Pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=N001766179&DamNum=N001741803

M&M Hickory

Marmalade M&M Hemlock (pending) Dam: Marmalade Madison Ave. Sire: Tecosa Lucky Maxon


Marmalade Raven (SOLD)- Just love how this doe is maturing. I really have a hard time letting go of her because I like her and her sister quite a lot! Correct legs, smoothly blended, she’s slower to mature just like her dam. Long from hip to pin, open ribbing, lovely breed character, wide thurl to thurl.She’s in the process of milk stand training.

In the breeding pen 10/10, doe kids can be registered from this doe.  She’s not cycled again so short getting an official blood test, she’s being considered bred! $450. Half sister’s udder pictured below.

Dam: Tecosa Flicker

Sire: Alize Under Kover Agent

Pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=N001615615&DamNum=N001604041

1106171649f[1]kalypso-udder  “Kalypso” (1st freshening 2 year old)


2017 kids


Dam’s udder photo’d above. “Kari” is an April kid and stands on very correct legs. I expect her udder will come in beautifully. Slower to mature lines, she needs time to mature and grow. One of triplet doe kids, can’t keep them all. I have retained a sister.

Dam: Marmalade Kalypso

Sire: Tecosa Lucky Maxon

Planned Pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=N001766179&DamNum=N001730887







Tecosa R Chenille (SOLD)

Exposed- Bred for Feb kidding. Trained milker. Easy to milk teats, quiet doe. Lots of bling in this doe’s pedigree! Stands on good feet and legs, well attached udder with easy to milk teats.







Marmalade Madison Ave. (SOLD)

Madison is a heavy milker! She’s very sweet, in your pocket type. Beautiful well attached supple udder that milks down to NOTHING, nice size hand milking teats. This doe is stand trained! Throws nice growthy correct kids, I have retained a few. Nice pedigree behind this doe to boot, bred for Feb. kids. Doe kids available to be registered, the same breeding that produced the first doe above, “Hemlock”.


Pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/PedigreePrint.aspx?RegNumber=N0017418031008171343





2nd freshening udder- 3 years old.


Marmalade Just My Imagination <SOLD>


I love spots!

Spotted April kid! Flash flash and more flash and LOTS OF MILK too! $350 with application to register. If you are looking for heavy heavy milk lines, look no further.

Dam: Lazy I Onyx Reminisce

Sire: Tecosa Lucky Maxon

Planned Pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=N001766179&DamNum=N001473936



Marmalade “Julia” Street <SOLD>

$250 with app. to register, discount without papers.

Julia is a Feb. kid, growthy. Ready to breed later this year. Sweet sweet doe, lots of milk in her pedigree. Stands on correct feet and legs. Will be bred here in Nov. Price will go up.

Pedigree: http://www.adgagenetics.org/PlannedPedigreePrint.aspx?SireNum=N001766179&DamNum=N001659540


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