Livestock Guardian Pups For Sale

Snow and King’s litter arrived 1/7/2016. Three (females) are tentatively reserved. We will likely have another female and male available however no reservations will be taken until pups are several weeks old and can be evaluated. If you are interested, please feel free to email us @, $50 non-refundable deposit to hold.

2.5 wees old below. Our most colorful female has already lightened in color quite a bit in just 1.5 weeks since the last photos. Color is no guarantee, they change so much (as you can see by the photos) in such a short time. In our experience, even dark coloring on ears or faces usually lightens to white or a very very light cream.

Females #1 & #4 are white. Female #5 has the color and female #2 has one dark ear with a brown patch on her head only. The male is pure white.

Approx. 1 week old photos





Snow’s 2013 Fall litter has arrived, just 2 in this litter. Both pups have been reserved.


Sadie will be joining the Matz family near Marion, Ks.



snow female pup

Female- 1 week


Male- He’ll be transported to California in December.

snow male pup

Male- 1 week- RESERVED

Spring 2013 litter-

puppies 7 weeks

puppies 7 weeks

Some “all grown up” photos




3 days old

Please see our LGD page here: and read up on our LGD’s, Snow and King!

3 Comments to “Livestock Guardian Pups For Sale”

  1. I am interested in Calvin. I live in Colorado but visit my daughter in Winfield often. I will be coming through Hutchinson next Thursday. I would love to go home with Calvin. My email is (edited. I have two dogs ages 11 and 14 and have been wanting to get a younger dog before these two are gone.
    Thank you, Gwen

  2. Our ULlr or Calvin passed away a few months ago from bone cancer. We have been devastated. He was the most wonderful friend and companion we have ever known. It was a privilege to have him in our lives. If you ever have the opportunity to have a litter of such beautiful animals again please consider us.
    Thank you,
    Gwen Cade and Aaron Alberter

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