LGD containment

Our livestock guardians like to wander. Our female, Snow, does not respect the electric high tensile and our male, King, can and will climb gates. However, a friend told us about the Sportdog 100 acre Invisible In-ground Fence system and it was like night and day at keeping our dogs from wandering.


If you would like to learn more about the Sportdog Brand In-ground Fence, follow this link: http://www.sportdog.com/in-ground-fencing


The instructions state the wire for this system does not have to be buried. We buried the insulated wire underneath our gates (of which we have a few) but most of the wire we use is one stand of our high tensile fence wire (unhooked from the fencer so it is not a charged line). This made installation quick because most of the fence wire was already installed.


We did little training for them other than follow them out toward the fence to a location we knew our female was shimming under and watched the collar do its work and praised her when she turned around at the audio signal instead of going further and getting a shock. Not a single wandering episode while the collar is on and the fence is working, we couldn’t believe the transformation!

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