Milk Stands, Milk Machines & Goat Coats

Milk Stanchions –

We’ve used several different kinds of stands for many different purposes and took all of these in to consideration when building this stand!

  • LIGHT WEIGHT! This stand is light weight but sturdy. We restrain our 200+ lb. adult bucks in this type of stand and use them daily for milking our does.

We take our stands to shows. They store well, fit well in to most size pens (which is important for shows that do not allow stands or gear in the aisle way).

  • GREAT FOR CLIPPING AND HOOF TRIMMING! The head restraint uprights do not get in the way of clipping necks and heads. 
  • WILL HOLD A GRAIN BUCKET! Clip on/hang over style plastic grain buckets (see photos) fit conveniently over the front 2×4 (grain bucket not included).
  • NO ROUGH EDGES, READY TO FINISH! All corners and edges are sanded down. The stands are made with screwed and not nails. 
  • ROOMY! Ample platform room for those who like to sit on the stand to milk from the side or behind.
  • $75 unfinished

Milk Machines-

Milk the minute you get this machine-

  • vacuum pump (optional, some people already have one!), new lines, new inflations, new vacuum tubing… the works!
  • The stainless steel tank is used but everything else is brand new!
  • Safety in mind with vacuum gauge and valves & ease with in-line shut offs!
  • Set up for either 2 goats or one cow. Inflations come to fit your animals (cows or goats).
1 or 2 goat (1 cow) models available!

1 or 2 goat (1 cow) models available!

Goat Coats

  • Prices vary and start at $16 for kid coats, adult coats also available.
  • Bulk buy discount!
  • Double layered fleece washes up clean & keeps animals warm. Snap closures are secure and allow for a lot of adjustment.
  • Great for newborn kids born in the winter for those first few days they need help regulating their temperature. Adult size coats are wonderful for ill or injured animals.
  • Especially fantastic for those who do not have electric in their barns and cannot run heat lamps!

goat coats 011


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