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13 Comments to “Contact us or visit Us!”

  1. Hello,
    I was wondering where you are located at? I am interested in some of your soaps.
    Felissa Wiens

  2. I am interested in getting your milking doe toddy. Also curious if you have any other in milk does. Thank you

    • Jason, I have responded to your email in regard to Toddy. I currently do not have any other does in milk, they have all been sold for the year. Please check back again in the fall as I may have a yearling in milk then, but I would like to keep her for several more months to see how she progresses.

  3. We are interested in a couple of your goats. Please call Terry at (edited) Thank you very much. Terry and Lisa

  4. We are interested in Brice your LGD pup. I am tired of fighting off owls at night and hawks during the day. We have chickens and I am getting two nanny goats and the dog we have is great but he’s no protector. Please contact me soon? Thank you, Shelley

  5. I am hoping that you will be allowing your wonderful dogs to have another litter in the future. I would love to be on the contact list for a pup that comes along in the next litter. I have a Great Pyr & she needs the company on our property as well as an assistant (when old enough ) to protect our ducks. Please let me know if this is a possibility.

    • Hi Leslie, We’ll have to see how the summer unfolds as to whether or not she’ll be bred for a summer litter or if we’ll hold her over and wait until winter. The heat is hard on them sometimes and if this summer is anything like the last 2, with so many days over 100, I want to keep them healthya and comfortable as I am sure you can understand =). We’ll definitely keep readers posted and please do check back =). Thanks so much for your interest. We sure do love our guardians. Such gentle loving souls who pour their heart into their jobs!

  6. I am interested in some soap. something in the live of cucumber of fresh air. Do you have something that would be similar to a scent like this?

  7. Sorry my autocorrect changed doelings to fieldings. I say doelings bc I probably won’t need a buck in the immediate future. I plan on milking them so I wouldn’t need a buck until I’m ready to breed.

  8. I am wanting to know if you are going to the show in Sedalia Mo over Memorial Day?

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