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December 19, 2013

B’s custom crayon rolls

crayon rolls brenda

I just LOVE these things! These are for two twin girls, age 3 who love dancing…and there’s sparkles in the fabric. It’s just so doggone purdy!  crayon roll brenda

crayon roll brenda

December 14, 2013

Sewing for Christmas Part 3: Custom Order

Tracey ordered 4 bunnies and 4 crayons rolls and some soap and I had so much fun mixing and matching fabrics for her!

bunnies 101_1188

November 20, 2013

Sewing for Christmas Part 1- Child’s feedsack apron

A Feedsack apron for Rachel. She has been bugging me for months to make something from a feedsack. We don’t normally get these plastic-y type feed bags as much of what we purchase comes from the co-op in paper bags or we buy in bulk and it’s loaded into barrels for us. I was at the feedstore a while back and they had feed on sale at half off because the bags were ripped or looking a little bedraggled. After using all the feed, I washed them up and got to cutting! She’s gonna love it!

feedbag apron upper


feedbag apron bottom

feedbag apron full


feedbag apron back

Feedbag apron pocket

Nice big deep pocket to hold all the farm goodies a kid could want to tote!



September 6, 2013

Green bag lunch

Not your Momma’s brown bag lunch!

Fun re-usable green bagged lunch bags in an array of prints!

Coming soon to OUR STORE!

Lunch bags

lunch bags1

Fully lined!

lunch bags 3

Folds flat! Space saving!

lunch bags 2

Quality construction with double stitched seams.

September 5, 2013

Egg tote!

EB 1

Scraps scraps scraps…

With my cloth diaper making, I end up with a lot of scraps! I generally try to use even the smaller scraps to add accents! I used to make quilts pretty often when Jer and I were first married and when the kids were little. I started a bed sized quilt for Rachel 2 Christmas’ ago. I finished Drew’s twin sized quilt last fall…

Drew's quilt 014

recently Rachel uncovered her half-quilted quilt underneath many of the other fabrics I use for cloth diapers. With fall and <shiver> winter around the corner, I figured it was about time to finally finish the quilting on it so it’ll be ready for use during -what the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting to be- a “piercingly cold” winter. These quilts and projects always bring to mind all the scraps…

I always save my scraps. Sometimes we use them as kindling (cotton, hemp & bamboo make AWESOME kindling/fire starters!), and sometimes I just wait for the perfect project! This egg tote is one such project!


We have a metal collapsible egg collecting basket, quite the fancy and space saving contraption. It’s wonderful…except at egg collecting time each evening the children get a little over-zealous sometimes and set the basket down a little too hard before running off to play. I was getting a little tired of broken or cracked eggs. I’ve been wanting to make a coiled basked for a while and after one cracked egg too many, there was no better time!

I’ve seen others that are shallower and the handles were just itty bitty things, more of a display basket really.  I wanted something deeper that would hold 18+ eggs (or a decent amount of stuff), with long enough handles that met in the middle.


It’s washable & padded & super sturdy too, everything you’d want in an egg basket, or a purse (I’m thinkin’ a button closure is in order!), or key basket or a display basket!! A little rustic, a little shabby-chic, a little scrappy, a little country, a little homespun with a lotta love put in!

Love this tote! Farm-fresh eggs, Easter eggs, hard boiled eggs or golden eggs -leave out the rotten eggs and goose eggs please =)! This is one basket you CAN “put all your eggs in”! Look for a them in OUR STORE soon!