About our farm

Hello and welcome!

In an effort for our family to get back to “grass roots,” and after making the trek with our herd of dairy goats from Northern California to Kansas, we’ve settled on a beautiful 15 acre parcel just east of the town of Hutchinson, Ks. Each season finds us busy!  From chicks to pigs, goat kids, milking, seedlings emerging and the never ending drone of the lawnmower cutting fresh green grass in the spring, there is a never ending cycle of work to be done.  Summer finds us filling the barn with good hay and garden tending and  dairy goat shows.  Fall is a time to wind down and get ready for the depths of winter with wood cutting and stacking, readying the barn for cold winter nights and selective breeding of the does for the cycle to repeat itself the following new year.

Our dairy goats mostly free range in the pastures. Our milkers, bucks and kids all receive alfalfa and free choice brome and pasture. They get plenty of exercise and fresh air as nature intended and they thrive off this natural way. We avoid all antibiotics unless absolutely necessary, give absolutely NO hormones, worm with natural herbs as a preventative and worm with chemicals when necessary while keeping up their minerals so that they are naturally able to fend off parasites. They have access to clean water at all times and generally lead a natural life. We test annually for CAE, we maintain a CAE and CL free herd.

Two LGD’s (Livestock Guardian Dogs), Snow and King, roam the property keeping out most pesky unwanted critters. They make a fabulous team! It’s really an awesome sight to see those two in action.  Occasionally evening chores will cease for several moments while those  perk up their ears  and then take off for the far stretches of the property line when coyotes get to howling. Deer rarely venture on to the property any longer.  For us, these dogs are invaluable in how they help protect the herd and property- naturally!

We raise a variety of laying hens and have eggs available for sale occasionally. During spring, summer and fall we also raise free range pasture raised broilers for both ourselves and our customers.

We raise hogs for butcher for ourselves and are open to the idea raising them for customers as well. Occasionally we’ll have a litter of piglets available for sale.

Each summer we have a large garden and we have been known to sell extra produce. We also can quit a bit. This past spring we put in our orchard, last winter built a green house and over the past 3 years have replaced all of our peremiter fencing and have installed some of the cross fencing to implement a rotational grazing method. The farm is always growing and we’re always learning and we’re always happy to share what we know and learn from others! Come visit us!

  • Members of ADGA
  • Papered Purebred and American, grades available too
  •  Participants in Linear Appraisal
  • High milking genetic lines
  •  Flashy spots and dapples!
  • Buck service available
  • Feeder pigs on occasion
  • 4-H members!
  • LGD pups on occasion for sale
  • Veggies & eggs (in season)
  • Goat’s milk soap


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