I underestimated the weight gain of the piggies the past couple of weeks and they have reached their 250# processing weight. Well, exceeded it some by 20+ lbs. or so, WHOOPS! I had a different custom feed mix made up, quite a bit higher in protein with a few other added ingredients and wowzers, that surely packed on the pounds! The next processing date was a month into the future so they may be a bit over 300# by that point!

Mama Sow is 5 days from her due date. She lumbers around where ever she goes and I can’t blame her. If she’s not at the feed bowl she’s under the ceder trees during the extreme heat we’ve had. She’ll lay in the wallow for a while but they really enjoy having the sprinkler turned on which I do a few times a day in 10 minute intervals.

The turkeys never miss an opportunity to dine with the pigs and our last broody hen to hatch out chicks  hatched out 4, 3 pure golden laced wyandottes and one pure silver laced wyandotte. She’s a mean old bitty but good to her babies and coos and clucks to them all the time. Granted, she’s a little ferocious when scratching for feed in the deep hay and one of the chicks often finds him/herself under foot and flying across the barn but they seem to be pretty squishy and this point and right themselves before going about business. They are fun to watch.



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