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June 4, 2014

For the…bees

We picked up our “nuc” colonies on Saturday. VERY exciting! Not knowing quite what to expect, the transfer of the first hive was a little precarious but the second was pretty easy!


These bees are so docile. I made Rachel dawn a veil made from a piece of lace I cut in two -because I needed one too- a hat to hold it on, long sleeves, jeans, and gloves. Since then, I’ve been walking out (and taking off the lid for a peak a few times) in whatever I happen to have on and with this weather, it’s been short sleeves and a shirt or shorts! They are just so calm! That may be a different story once collection time comes but for now, they seem to be well handled and “socialized” and there was no fuss about it.


The frames all look great, already a lot of wax combs started, capped honey and larvae growing inside the cells. Our queens are not marked and we had a hard time identifying them, it made me dizzy to try to sit and watch them with so much movement but I am sure everything is just fine.


We missed the black locust blooms but it looked to be an “off” year anyway and I am hopeful next year they explode in full bloom giving the bees lots and lots of pollen to gather. The wildflowers are plentiful this year though and the Catalpa trees are showing their beautiful splendor.


We are all enjoying them very much and look forward to this journey with our newest additions.