A Plethora of Apples

It’s apple processing time!


Oh, what’s that? You’d like the recipe? This may be the recipe for you if you don’t follow recipes =).

First get your minions…I mean, children all washed up and ready to peel peel peel!


Next, we took a lot apples and used our handy dandy corer/peeler/slicer to get them ready for the pot. I put many many pounds into my biiiiiig soup pot with a little citric acid (how much I am not sure of). Added some spices (cinnamon, cloves, allspice, ginger. You could use cardamom (YUM!) or nutmeg (NOT A FAN!). And some water & sugar (you could use honey). I used a combination of Cortlands, Johnathan’s, and McIntosh apples -3 of my favs! They can be tart but they are EXCELLENT apples for everything! I let all that simmer for a while until I got the consistency I wanted. Some of it I didn’t simmer too too long and I got apple pie filling. I let some more go and got chunky apple sauce and the rest is smooth apple sauce. I put it all into clean canning jars and processed it all in my pressure canner! Didn’t have to dirty the food mill!

I would imagine you could do this in a crock pot too! Oh the smell coming off that all day, if that doesn’t remind you of fall and the holidays, I don’t know what will!

You could add butter to the mix while it simmers, I’ve seen recipes use it. You could also use apple juice as your thinning agent. I just used water. These apples are super aromatic and apple-y.


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