Spraddle leg

We picked up a few chicks from the farm store around the first of September. They were all fine for the first couple of weeks and then 1 was looking off. I couldn’t quite determine exactly what was wrong so I put her in a brooder of her own with another chick for company and she seemed to get better. She ate and drank just fine but getting around was a bit of an issue. At first I thought she might have spraddle-leg but she didn’t fit the exact description. That went on for a couple of weeks until her legs were completely out from under her. It was time to get her fixed up.

I read up on a couple of sites on how to make a brace.




spradde leg

Irony, the chicken with leg irons.

I was without any vet wrap but small band-aids worked great! It’s not the purdiest or straightest job ever, but it worked! Five days later I took them off, put her in outside in roving coop with the rest of chicks after 3 additional days brace free in the brooder and she’s as good as new! Not only are her legs where they need to be, the sunshine has really helped her as well! She’s looking so much healthier. I can only guess that a vitamin D deficiency may have been to blame for her spraddled leg condition but whatever the cause, she’s doing great!

spraddle leg barred rock

Spraddle leg free!

2 Comments to “Spraddle leg”

  1. So this still worked at a couple weeks old? We have a chick that was dropped in her first week by my 2 year old daughter. She’s a bit twisted but has been eating and drinking so we decided to give her a shot. She’s a sweet girl we’ve named Scramble. After about a week one of her legs started twisting out to the side. It doesn’t exactly fit the description of spraddle leg for her either. I think maybe it’s because her body weight is a bit lop-sided because of her twisted neck. We bound her legs together on Saturday and I haven’t noticed much change yet. I’m afraid we waited too long and the twisted leg might not straight back out. She’s about 3 weeks old now.

    • Yes, it worked great! Once the binding was removed, the chick was walking upright and having no issues at all. It may take a couple of days. We had her bandages on for 5 days and if you put yours on Sunday, I’d say give her more time and see what happens. Hope she straightens out =).

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