Egg tote!

EB 1

Scraps scraps scraps…

With my cloth diaper making, I end up with a lot of scraps! I generally try to use even the smaller scraps to add accents! I used to make quilts pretty often when Jer and I were first married and when the kids were little. I started a bed sized quilt for Rachel 2 Christmas’ ago. I finished Drew’s twin sized quilt last fall…

Drew's quilt 014

recently Rachel uncovered her half-quilted quilt underneath many of the other fabrics I use for cloth diapers. With fall and <shiver> winter around the corner, I figured it was about time to finally finish the quilting on it so it’ll be ready for use during -what the Farmer’s Almanac is predicting to be- a “piercingly cold” winter. These quilts and projects always bring to mind all the scraps…

I always save my scraps. Sometimes we use them as kindling (cotton, hemp & bamboo make AWESOME kindling/fire starters!), and sometimes I just wait for the perfect project! This egg tote is one such project!


We have a metal collapsible egg collecting basket, quite the fancy and space saving contraption. It’s wonderful…except at egg collecting time each evening the children get a little over-zealous sometimes and set the basket down a little too hard before running off to play. I was getting a little tired of broken or cracked eggs. I’ve been wanting to make a coiled basked for a while and after one cracked egg too many, there was no better time!

I’ve seen others that are shallower and the handles were just itty bitty things, more of a display basket really.  I wanted something deeper that would hold 18+ eggs (or a decent amount of stuff), with long enough handles that met in the middle.


It’s washable & padded & super sturdy too, everything you’d want in an egg basket, or a purse (I’m thinkin’ a button closure is in order!), or key basket or a display basket!! A little rustic, a little shabby-chic, a little scrappy, a little country, a little homespun with a lotta love put in!

Love this tote! Farm-fresh eggs, Easter eggs, hard boiled eggs or golden eggs -leave out the rotten eggs and goose eggs please =)! This is one basket you CAN “put all your eggs in”! Look for a them in OUR STORE soon!


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