Greenhouse Part 3

To read prior posts on the greenhouse, go here: Greenhouse part 1 and 2

I realized, after glancing through older posts, that I never posted photos of the finished greenhouse shelving.  We started 99% of our plants this year in this greenhouse and have a lovely garden to show for it! Super happy with how this turned out!


We used cedar fence boards for our shelving along with some 2×4’s. I think we got 3 separate panels from a regular 8′ board. I suppose if you had a supply of pallets, you could use those too =).

Have a few upgrades to make. Please realize, we get really really bad winds here, OFTEN! The plastic over the hoop held up beautifully. The plastic on the front and back was no match for the last storm it went through with 60 MPH steam-line winds. By that point, however, it was already warm enough that everything was already planted anyway.  If we had doubled  the plastic it may have been been OK but this was a “use what we had” project and there was only enough plastic to do a single layer on the outside. Before this fall, we may just go ahead and redo the front and the back with lap board siding. TO be continued…


greenhousegreenhouse shelving


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