A review: Santa Cruz Animal Health

I am not normally one for reviews but was exceptionally happy with Santa Cruz Animal Health that I thought I’d do a brief write up.


I received their catalog some time ago and have glanced through it a few times figuring their prices couldn’t be better than where I was already ordering from.

I’ve been buying Copasure from Jeffers Livestock for a long time and cutting down the cattle boluses into #00 gelcaps to dole out to the goats.  I was glancing over Santa Cruz’s boluses for adults and kids and didn’t do the math until recently but it comes out to .13 cents a gram through Santa Cruz where as the Copasure cattle boluses from Jeffers come out to .147 cents a gram. My math is based on SC’s twenty-five 4 gram boluses (100 grams total) vs. Jeffer’s regular size container of 12.5 gram (312.5 gram) boluses. With the cattle boluses, I open them up and portion them into equal portions to be put into the #00 gelcaps (re-portioned and re-packaged for the dosage and correct size for goats and not cows). It would be silly not to purchase the ones that are already pre-portioned into the correct dosage and save me time and $! I didn’t buy the kid boluses. If I need them, I’ll cut the adult boluses in two (because buying the kid boluses works out to .24 cents a gram, quite a substantial difference!).

Shipping was lickety-split! I ordered on Friday, received a tracking # by afternoon and while the boluses and Valbazen were shipped separately, the copper arrived on Monday and the Valbazen today (Wednesday). How’s that for quick? To top it off, $50 worth of merchandise gets you free shipping. Compare that to Jeffers $60 minimum order and while I have had nothing but positive business with Jeffers, Santa Cruz is definitely equally comparable!


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