Land of Oz notable placings

Friday night buck show:

Alize Under Kover Agent-yearling buck

Ring 1: 1st place yearling

Ring 2: 1st place yearling

Blackhoof Blue Moon– 3 year old senior buck

Ring 1: Reserve Champion

Ring 2: Third place senior buck

Tecosa Storm Abrewin’

Ring 1: Third place senior buck

Ring 2: Reserve Champion

Marmalade Cyclone (Aja-Sammati Apriot Strudel x Tecosa Storm Abrewin’)

Ring 1 & 2: Grand Champion junior buck

Saturday morning youth show:

Marmalade Black Poppy (Branicur Farms SG Iris x Tecosa StormAbrewin’)

Reserve in Ring 2 (I believe), will need to check on that.

Marmalade Prairie Dawn 2 year old 1st freshening

Ring 1: 2nd place

Ring 2: 2nd place

Saturday afternoon open junior doe show:

Marmalade Cannoli (Aja-Sammati Apriot Strudel x Tecosa Storm Abrewin’)

Ring 1: 1st place intermediate kid (fairly large class)

Ring 2: 4th place intermediate kid (fairly large class)

Sunday senior doe show:

Walnut Farms Ann Darrow (7 years, 6 freshenings)

Ring 1 & 2: 1st place aged doe & 1st place udder.

Aja-Sammati Apriot Studel (3 year old in milk, 2nd freshening)

Ring 1: 2nd place

Ring 2: 4th place

We took Marmalade Emmy Lou also but she just wasn’t in the show spirit. Rachel had an impossible time with her in ring 1 which really dampens Rachel’s spirits to have a doe who is just not cooperating  and Jeremiah didn’t have it any easier in ring 2. She placed middle of the class last year at state fair in  a much longer line up of 2 year olds but when a doe just doesn’t want to walk nicely and behave, it can really hurt their placings. (Which isn’t to say she would have placed any higher if she had been behaving but it certainly doesn’t help that she wasn’t).  She wasn’t having any of it from the time she left the farm Saturday evening in the pouring rain. C’est la vie, that’s the way the cookie crumbles =).

The same can be said for Marmalade Black Poppy. By Saturday afternoon, after the youth shows that morning and by the 4th go around of the day in the afternoon, she roached her back, refused to stand or walk nicely and placed last. They are animals, not machines, I don’t fault them for that. These crazy goats.

Happy Monday!

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