Food for thought: Murdering carrots

Our neighbor gave us a whole box full of Countrywide magazines and the like. A very thought provoking, if not amusing albeit, article in the Sept./Oct 2010 edition about butchering hogs written by a Roger Sherfield said the following:

“The hardest part about getting that homestead hog from pen to freezer is the part that most people don’t like to talk about- harvesting. While using such words may soothe the conscience of some, it avoids the hard truth. We have to kill the pig to eat it. People who are not willing to accept that truth should not eat. Do I mean not eat pork, or not eat meat?”

(And this is the point where I can be heard chuckling as I am being read to in the car while I drive.)

“I mean not eat. Almost everything we eat was alive. Almost everything we eat, from the grain we grind for our bread to the roots we pull from the ground, is killed so we may live.”

I am reminded of the one dinner date Hugh Grant had in the movie “Notting Hill”. You remember the one, the “fruitarian”?

William: And, ahm, what exactly is a fruitarian?
Keziah: We believe that fruits and vegetables have feeling so we think cooking is cruel. We only eat things that have actually fallen off a tree or bush – that are, in fact, dead already.
William: Right. Right. Interesting stuff. So, these carrots…
Keziah: Have been murdered, yes.
William: Murdered? Poor carrots. How beastly!

Beastly indeed, good for a chuckle too.

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