The orchard trees- Pears: Keiffer semi- drawf & Ayers semi-dwarf. Nectarine: Sweet Surprise. Peach: Hale-Haven semi-dwarf and we’ll be getting one more. Apricot: Golden Sweet. Apple: Cortland, Jonathan,  & golden delicious (all emi-dwarf). Cherry: Stella (semi-dwarf) and Van. Plum Byron Golden & Santa Rosa (semi-dwarf).

The black berries are Prime-Jam (3) & Black Satin Thornless (3). Raspberry (I don’t remember the variety) (2 vines). Blueberry: Patriot (1), Pink Lemonade (1).

The vines will be trained to a trellis. One bears on first year vines and the 2nd bears on 2nd year vines. The blueberries are mid-season fruit bearers and the Pink Lemonade is supposed to be a double bearer each year. The apples are all mid-season ripeners.


The puppies have all been reserved. Two pups are going to Mo., 1 to Colorado and the other 2 are staying somewhat local. They have received their first rounds of vaccinations and will be 8 weeks old on Thursday. They are such a joy to have in the barn yard.


We have a second round of eggs in the incubator. We lost 8 of 40, 4 due to being unfertilized and 4 because of cracked shells which was probably human error due to the hygrometer I think. I candled them yesterday and they all look good! Thursday is day 18 and lock down day when we up the humidity and don’t touch them until they hatch. Hopefully these hatch! I’d feel awfully bad if they did not. The air sacs are looking great this time and everything seems to be on course.


The grass is slowly greening up around here. We got about 6 acres of brome planted and about 2 acres of oats. We’ll see how all this plays out.

We had 3 buck kids born this morning, all the other kids are doing very well!

Granite has come down with a case of mastitis unfortunately so she went to see the vet yesterday. She’s on a round of antibiotics now.

Ada is giving about a quart extra of milk a day over what her kid is taking. Apricot is giving a bit less than a quart extra. All the babies are growing like weeds and it’s so fun to watch them romp and play!

We’ve got some green coming up in the greenhouse and we picked up some really nice potato buckets the other day at a farm auction. They are pretty heavy duty plastic with holes in the bottom. Last fall when we cleaned out the barn from the summer, we let it all compost and it will make lovely stuff to grow potatoes in. We also need to take a few scoops and put it on the garden and till it all in, or let the pigs in for a day or two to do it for us.

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