Apricot’s kids

3 does to kid in just as many days. Apricot is an easy stealthy kidder! Last year, I had to leave in the morning for an appointment, came home to check on her and already had 2 kids on the ground with another one imminent. This year, about the same thing. I knew she’d probably kid that day, went out about noon to check on Granite’s kids on one side of the barn and heard the unmistakable “mama to newborn” talk coming from the other and sure enough she had both babies on the ground and was up and cleaning them. She’s such a lovely doe and such a good mama and the girl likes to eat and is very good at multitasking…a bite of food, a lick on baby, a bite of food and so on and so forth.

A good size buck and doe with just a little flash! =)


apricots kid


One more doe to kid at the end of the month and then 3 in April, including 2 first fresheners. Then it’s about an entire 6 weeks off before the yearling first fresheners kid in June. Expect some to be for sale. We cannot keep all these first fresheners =).


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