Pups- day 6

The puppies are actually a week old today…er, tonight. But I figured I may not get to 7 day photos today so I carpe diem-ed (seized the day) it while I could yesterday at the 6 day mark.


Molly Marie (female)


Baxter (male)



Brice (male)

and Calvin (male)...who was a perturbed participant and would not hold still enough for a clear shot!

and Calvin (male)…who was a perturbed participant and would not hold still enough for a clear shot!

The chicks wore out their welcome in the brooder in the hallway bathroom so I moved them down to the barn. I debated on the shop or the garage. In the end, it becomes a small bit of an issue remembering to feed and water in there…not so much that I forget, just keeping in mind that there are creatures in other buildings and it  becomes somewhat mentally exhausting, so into the barn in a metal water trough with all new shavings they went.

I fashioned a secure lid for the trough out of a piece of cattle panel and covered that in hardware cloth . A. to keep out at kitty cats and B. to keep out any wild life. I zip tied the hardware cloth to the cattle panel and it all looks very nice. I figured with Snow in the barn, the latter wouldn’t be an issue. I plugged in their 250 watt heat lamp and last night, threw a couple of blankets over the lid so hopefully they are all nice and warm this morning after a 20 degree night.

On to the pups…they grow and change so quickly, it’s really quite amazing. Their personalities are starting to develop as well though I will say, so far, the majority of them are so laid back. They get a little perturbed when they are woken from a sound sleep of course but generally fall right back to sleep once in a comfortable position tucked into a couple of warm arms.

They have been outside since day one. Most of our nights have been below freezing and they are handling the cold very well. It helps when you have a fluffy warm mama to cover up with, of course.

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