Plump, precious puppies during a pouring winter night!

Jokingly I told her, six or less. My girl came through. Five perfect little healthy screaming pups last night around mid-night!

Despite the rain, it wasn’t a bit cold and I am ever so thankful for that. Snow’s den was a wonderful maternity ward. Jeremiah and I went out into the dark at 6 this morning to evacuate the pups from the den. With the rain, I came up a bit muddy, to say the least. Drew would have been a good one for that job! Snow was not a bit pleased but she’ll settle in to her new digs in the barn. She curls up around those puppies like a rolie poly to keep them snug and despite being a bit on edge every time one of our mostly white kitties comes into the barn (she thinks it’s a pup & I am sure the kitty would not be too pleased being picked up in her mouth and plopped next to the rest of the screaming fur balls), she’ll get it all figured out.

I have no idea on gender count. Haven’t had much time to look, too busy praising mama for a job well done!

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