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January 29, 2013

New home for the Fodder

I moved the shelving units down to the basement.

For reference, there is a sump pit just to the right of the blue pressure tank. The white piece of PVC (lower left) leads to it. That’s the drain for our A/C unit (which is outside of the house) and in the summer – when in use- the condensation drains into the pit where a pump pumps it up and out to the septic, it works like a toilet tank valve. Our fodder water drains to it via a gutter along the ground (not photo’ed).

fodder shelving in basement

The shelving unit on the right in the photo has not been completely put together when this photo was taken and as you’ll notice, we have the black fodder trays in use next to the plastic tubs. They were flimsy and were replaced with clear plastic tubs.


The blue thing is our pressure/reserve well tank. Jeremiah popped a valve and sprayer on that and I’ve got water. Just with the overhead light and a 60W bulb and an (ugly) extra lamp we had laying around are the artificial light sources.