Hybrid milking machine

Do you raise several different breeds of goats to include Nigerians? Do small teated does drive you nuts? I know some of my first fresheners (1st time moms) are a nightmare to milk because of their small teats. The does who have good sized orifices so the milk flows easily aren’t so much of an issue as the does with small orifices. I came across this website of someone who came up with a hybred milker of sorts for those small teated does that runs off your regular milking machine. I thought I’d share it.

Course, it will require some extra parts but not too many and you can easily switch it back and forth! http://quirkygoatfarm.blogspot.com/2012/06/hybred-milk-machine.html

The accessory container with a small inflation and shell connected with tubing and a shut off valve is pretty ingenious really! Yes, if you had smaller teated does you could just change out inflations but in doing so, that opens up the possibility for nasties to get into the milk via tubing or the pail. Attaching an extra tube and the accessory container, I think, just keeps everything cleaner and makes it easier really. Some of these new hybrid milking systems that don’t use a pulsation but a constant vacuum ( I do not like these systems!) could also be adapted to allow for a pulsation. Granted, it may defeats the purpose of them being “affordable” though I will tell you, you really can put together a genuine milking system for 2 goats for less than $400. Think that’s expensive?  Not when compared to something like $1500+ and it’s just as nice. Ask me how I know. I built mine for right around $400 which included ALL new parts minus the pulsator.

Anyway, just thought it’d be interesting reading anyway and especially helpful for those who don’t want to change out inflations and shells for the smaller teated animals when they raise large and small does.

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