New Babies

Emmy kidded a week ago Tuesday with a single buck kid and Granite kidded over the weekend with a buck and a doe.

Emmy has a very nice udder with good fore and rear attachments. This year she may not produce as much as she would with a multiple births though but she is only two, lots and lots of time for maturing for sure!   I held on to quite a few kids the year we moved out from Ca., now I really need to cut down on the number of 2 year old I currently have and so Emmy had been offered up for sale and has been reserved. Given time, this should be a very high producing doe.

Granite, at just 4 days fresh is milking like a cow, as I put it. I just really love to milk this doe for several reasons. For one, she came to us as wild as a march hare and it took me well over a year and in to her first kidding to tame her down to the point where we were not chasing her just catch her! She settled in to her first milking year just fine and her daughter is as sweet as they come and was a fabulous milker from the start temperament wise (AND she was dam raised!). Granite has such a supple udder and milks out to a glove, has good size orifices and a lot of milk. Her kids this year are long and level across the top line. The rumps appear to be a lot more level as well and of course I expect the doe kid to be real milky too!

Granite's doe kid- "Marmalade My Girl Josephine"

Granite's buck kid- FOR SALE

Emmy's Buck Kid- FOR SALE

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