Pigs & chickens

We started on the new chicken coop and pig shelter yesterday. We got as far as the skids and floor for the coop and had to stop because we forgot the reclaimed windows and didn’t know what size to frame for. So, we went to work on the pig shelter. Both are on skids so are (semi-moveable). It’s nice using the shop to build them in instead of on-sight.

The pig shelter is 6’x6′. It’s a simple lean to basically using reclaimed lumber that’s 100+ years old. The skids are new treated 4×4’s and this sits on the dirt. I did not want to be cleaning pig manure up off of flooring! This one, more than likely will be moved more than the chicken coop. We have a chicken tractor for mobile ‘free ranging’ chickens we want at a specific location. The pigs are bound to move as we need them in several different places – i.e. the garden, the barn, etc.

the roofing and siding on the pig shelter will be new, we’ll pick that up today and continue on with it.


Chicken coop floor on 4x4 'treated' skids with 3/4" plywood


Rear wall of pig shelter nailed in to place. Flooring below is for the chicken coop. Sid ends are cut at an angle so they do not get bogged down while being moved.


Normally we'd put the rafters upright and parallel with the side walls but our roof application works better this way and it makes it structurally stronger this way as there is no front wall as regular strictures would have to keep it from shifting. We used brackets, glue and nails to secure the structure, having to use the brackets not totally as intended due to a last minute design change. The excess will be cut off.


Framing nearly finished!

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