These babies don’t have time to stand posed nor do I have patient enough helpers to make them stand nicely so candid is what cha get =).


Toddy’s 1st born boy above (C1). You talk about flashy and fancy! He’s got it all, brown, black, white, roaning, splashes, frosting, splotches, AND spots!!! His sire is Andy our spotted buck and boy did he throw fabulous heads in Toddy’s 2 boys, strong muzzles and those nice Nubian noses!  See those 2 splotches on his hind end? Those will lighten so he’s just all sorts of colorful!


Toddy’s 2nd born (C2) boy above.

Both of Toddy’s buck kids are for sale. They will be available at weaning, please see “Kids For Sale” page for further info.




Apricot’s 3rd born (c5), “Dale” short for Clydesdale! He’s a brute of a boy weighing in at nearly 12 lbs. at birth (and his sisters were good size too!) and with his fuzzy huge feet, Clydesdale was only fitting, we thought. Wow, this boy…he’s just handsome! He looks like he’s going to be one powerful buck & LOOK at his neck!  He’s a little squished up in this photo but he’s quite long too and a real nice top line! Just a real nice kid and with his mama’s udder, or dearly me! Moon has been so consistent with his level top lines!


Apricot’s 2nd born doe kid (C4) – Marmalade Coconut Meringue, “Coconut” for short. Such a sweet thing!



Apricot’s 1st born (C3) Marmalade Butterscotch Puddin’- “Puddin” for short.

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