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April 23, 2011

Kid Photos

I’m real happy with this year’s kid crop. I got more power this year and less dairy-ness than last. I can’t help it, I like the dairy look but that can go a bit too far for sure. Got lots of nice rumps and top lines and wide escutcheons, some great leg sets and heads too!

Breeding Granite to Price (by her choice, she wouldn’t let the other two near her) made for some HUGE kids…big bones and wide! Man, they are just tanks. I was really happy with her breeding last year (that gave me Mea and Andy.) Mea’s more refined, smoother blended than Granite, not as nice of a top line but nicer overall I think. I wanted to breed her to Moon who was of the same lines as the Mea and Andy breeding but she wouldn’t have it. Getting buck kids from the Granite x Prince breeding was great. I wouldn’t be too impressed if does came out like they did- too masculine-but who’s to say they would? I’m just as happy they’re bucks…nice buck they are too!

Lovely head, wide muzzle and nice roman nose. He has a nice top line too when he’s standing up straight.

I will definitely be repeating the breeding on this one! (Toddy x Moon)
Look at how wide I am and look at my lovely ears! (Toddy buck kid “Agouti”)
Agouti bod shot
I’ve got a fabulous top line, rump and rear leg set too! (Toddy buck kid “Agouti”)
Turkey shoot, Easter and Goat photos 062
We’ve got more dairiness than some of the others and look at our lovely ears! (Ariel’s doe kid “Pie” and Fleur’s doe kid “Dawn”)

Ruby Thewes
I’m one of Amanda’s favorites. My Name is Ruby Thewes. I have a great top lone and nice rear leg set. I’m not as dairy as my sister both we both have nice rumps! (Mea’s doe kid)

Ada Monroe
Because I’m so petite, I’m Rachel and Drew’s favorite! I’m Miss Ada Monroe. I’m more dairy than my sis, but even with our differences, we’re both outstanding I think! (Mea’s 2nd doe kid).
Turkey shoot, Easter and Goat photos 041

I’m Dawn, one of Fleur’s doe kids. I think I will be long and dairy like my dam but maybe I got a bit more power from my sire. Time will tell I guess. We’ll see about my roman nose though, it doesn’t look so Nubian right now huh? My sire doesn’t have the most roman nose but sometime it can take a while. I have a lovely long neck though!

April 8, 2011


I’ve been very pleased with the performance of the high tensile fencing. Without it being electrified, I seriously doubt it would keep the goats contained even with more wires closer together as one of the high tensile brochures advertises. It’s springy and stretchy and given half a chance, they’d be in it through a heart beat without getting shocked by it.

We did teach them individually that it will deliver a wallop if they touched it. To do this we lured them one by one to the fence with grain, dumped some on the other side and it took them but one zap to decide that the fence is not something they want to tangle with.

Now if we could just get some real rain to green the grasses up in the pastures I’ll be happy!

In the pasture