Bottle Babies

If I ever have another for as long as I live…it’ll be too soon!

Rachel with bottle babies

I really loathe everything about this act I cannot even tell you.

Probably the worst part about bottle kids, in my opinion, is how incredibly irritating an naughty they are!!! I spend more time teaching them not to nip and jump than I do actually loving on them. Loving on them is what I want to do. They don’t love me for me like my dam raised kids, they love the bottles I bring.

I’ve never had a bottle raised kid from beginning to end. I’ve bottle raised them until their dam could take over (for numerous reasons), I’ve bought older bottle babies (who are annoying too!) but never raised ’em start to finish and God help me if-during a fit of insanity- I choose to do it again. 

My bottle fed yearlings are in my face annoying. My dam raised does are just as wonderful and quiet on the milk stand as any bottle baby and aren’t at all pushy or irritating. Why? Because of how and how much time I spend when them. So, there’s my 2 cents about bottle raising.

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