Test results: 2011

Good news: CAE testing came back today from biotracking. All the girls are negative! I didn’t pull blood on the boys just because they’re still really gross! Moon was bottle fed and I’m not really concerned regardless as his previous herd is clean. Prince was tested last year and was negative and I figured if Granite came back negative (his dam) Andy would also be negative. I’ll get them a bit later in the year when they are a bit, less, um, DISGUSTING.

This year seemed to go a lot smoother. I’m not sure why. We just had a couple little problems with FD who didn’t want a thing in the world to do with us. I was going to pull blood from a few of them myself  but in the end it was better I was holding their heads so they could see me as they are more comfortable with me. Jeremiah does the majority of the drawing as I’m known to get antsy if I don’t get on the first stick. I usually run right along side of it and I hate digging around. Plus too, like I said, they know me best and seem to feel a lot more comfortable if I am right by their heads. I pulled blood on 3 or so I guess, Jeremiah did the rest.

May, wow! This jugular vein of hers has got to be the biggest I have ever seen! She gave us a bit of a problem too, the little stinker. I easily got her quickly and was filling the syringe when she decided she had enough and the needle came out while she struggled. I blew that area so Jeremiah went again on the other side and got another couple cc’s for me.

We pulled blood on Saturday. It sat in the fridge until Monday when I put it all in a small flat rate postal box and sent it off to Idaho. I feel so much better now about the impending birth of our first babies. And speaking of which, this weekend’s chore is to build a kidding pen…just need to cut up a panel and put it in place…not difficult but needs to be done.

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